Starr Oldorff


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Starr Oldorff is the Founder and CEO of Done4U™. Along with her team of virtual business specialists, she provides support to high-level business owners in the areas of digital marketing and administrative operations, strategy, systems, processes and project management. Her team manages multiple remote brands simultaneously and have dealt with just about every virtual business challenge possible. The seed of owning a virtual assistant company first starting when I was working on a project with a non-profit board member. He told me I was so good as what I do that I should become a virtual assistant and start my own company. The idea resonated with me but I wanted to finish my BSBA and had to figure out how to build a virtual company. Then opportunity came my way. Someone who knew my small business/non-profit experience and skillset asked me to come work for her in her virtual assistant company. I almost told her no because I didn't have a clear picture of the business model. Since I am a firm believer in grasping opportunity when it presents itself, I jumped in and continued to work my regular job until I became profitable enough to enter the world of entrepreneurship and owning a business full time. I bootstrapped my business from solopreneur to thriving business management services agency providing virtual assistance to clients nationwide.

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