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Took a computer science degree back in the days of iron-core memory and punched cards. Added to it a minor in Psychology and began informal study of artificial intelligence, starting with Eliza, in the first NLP generation in 1976. Admitted to graduate program in Computer Engineering but declined to attend. Admitted to law school but declined to attend. Currently applying again to law schools concurrent with my work launching a platform for unrepresented litigants which includes building a virtual law school using deepfake technology like Sora. Began writing bots in 2000 using Visual Basic to scrape mailing lists from the internet, then in C++ in 2002 after reading Bot Spiders and Intelligent Agents by by David Pallmann. Moved to Russia in 1990 and in early 2000’s wrote Google extension impersonating myself on Russian dating sites to overcome lack of Russian language skills. Moved to NYC in 2014, seizing on GPT-3 when it was first announced, establishing the GPT3 Venture Fund ( and ultimately Pro Se Pro (, an AI-based tool for unrepresented litigants incorporating an AI-based interview engine (the Scenario Analyzer), virtual law school (Albert Justice Legalis Law School), and a community forum (Docket Overflow), a Stack Overflow lookalike for lawyers and pro se litigants.

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