Kirsten's journey reflects her steadfast dedication to empowering entrepreneurs. Transitioning from real estate to owning a thriving mortgage company and title agency, she's forged an impressive career path. Beyond her business achievements, Kirsten actively engages in networking and mentors fellow entrepreneurs, becoming a driving force in her local business community. Her partnership with Jeanne Willson led to the establishment of Six Figure Business Coaching LLC, uniting Kirsten's expertise in business operations with Jeanne's marketing skills. Central to their vision is the profound impact of video marketing on modern marketing strategies. They recognized the authentic connections fostered through video content, igniting the concept behind the Marketing VA Advantage. This pioneering coaching model pairs clients with Marketing Virtual Assistants, addressing time and budget constraints while harnessing the potent force of video marketing. Kirsten is a lifelong learner, loves the beach, and boating, and has a 5 lb fur baby who runs her life.

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