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Welcome to the Evolvepreneur A.I. Advantage Show

Join me, Richard Wray, to gain the A.I. Advantage today where we dive deep into the transformative power of A.I. to help fast-track your business.

My very special guest today is Peter Bray ...

Peter Bray is a former stage actor who transitioned into a successful marketing and copywriting business. He discusses how his background in acting and storytelling has helped him develop effective marketing strategies, particularly in using AI to enhance his storytelling and connect with audiences. Bray emphasizes the importance of creating an engaging "world" that draws customers in, rather than relying on pushy sales tactics. He explains how AI can assist with ideation, writing, and editing to streamline the content creation process. Bray is currently offering a free course to help entrepreneurs leverage AI for more effective storytelling and list building.

Key Moments:

  • Peter Bray was previously an actor for 14 years, mostly in Shakespearean plays, before transitioning to a career in copywriting and marketing.
  • Peter believes there are key differences between the captive theater audience and the "ejector seat audience" of modern marketing, where attention is fleeting and easily lost.
  • Peter utilizes AI tools like ChatGPT to assist with ideation, research, and initial drafting, viewing AI as a "junior copywriter" that can provide a strong starting point.
  • Peter also uses AI to help mimic his own writing style and voice, allowing him to scale content creation.
  • Speaking the content out loud to the AI and having it interview him is a technique Bray finds very valuable for thinking out loud and refining his ideas.
  • Peter emphasizes that while AI can handle a lot of the heavy lifting, human creativity, storytelling, and connection are still essential.
  • Peter advises focusing on creating an engaging world and narrative that will excite and draw in an audience, rather than relying on pushy sales tactics.
  • Building an email list and nurturing those relationships is a key strategy Bray promotes, using AI to help funnel attention there.
  • Bray is working on a free course to help others leverage AI for finding and telling stories that connect with their audience.
  • Overall, Peter demonstrates how to strategically blend human creativity and AI capabilities to enhance marketing and storytelling.

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