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Welcome to the Evolvepreneur A.I. Advantage Show

Join me, Richard Wray, to gain the A.I. Advantage today where we dive deep into the transformative power of A.I. to help fast-track your business.

My very special guest today is Scott Gabdullin ...

Scott Gabdullin discussed how his marketing company uses AI to generate leads for small and medium-sized businesses. He explained that they use AI-generated content on their own websites to qualify leads, which are then sold to clients. For larger enterprise clients, Scott's company still relies on human-written content due to risks associated with AI content being detected by search engines. An interesting point was that using chatbots to qualify leads can be expensive due to the large number of credits required for lengthy conversations. Overall, the podcast highlighted practical applications of AI in digital marketing while acknowledging its current limitations.

Key Moments:

  • Scott uses AI for lead generation for small and medium businesses by producing content and ads on his own websites and properties. The leads are then sold to clients.
  • For enterprise clients, Scott's agency still focuses on 100% human-written content due to risks involved with AI-generated content.
  • Using chatbots for lead qualification can be expensive due to the large number of credits needed for lengthy conversations. The quality of leads may not improve significantly.
  • AI has helped save time through research assistance and data analysis but human judgment is still needed to verify insights.
  • Automatically generated AI content may get an initial boost from search engines but rankings often drop later as the AI nature is detected.
  • Most small business owners are still unfamiliar with AI capabilities. Outputs may seem impressive but quality issues are detectable to experts.
  • There is a danger of over-reliance on AI, forgetting one's own brand voice. AI should enhance but not replace human skills and judgment.
  • Individual habits will not change - some will take shortcuts with AI while others use it to further improve.
  • Integrating one's uniqueness and opinion is important for content to connect with audiences.
  • Opportunities still exist in industries like tree services and plumbing less impacted by AI changes in marketing.

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