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Welcome to the Evolvepreneur A.I. Advantage Show

Join me, Richard Wray, to gain the A.I. Advantage today where we dive deep into the transformative power of A.I. to help fast-track your business.

My very special guest today is Rg Enzon ...

RG Enzon discusses her journey from struggles in the Philippines and Navy to becoming an entrepreneur helping businesses through AI. She started a dog boarding business that grew to 6 figures using AI to automate social media posts and responses. Enzon now helps clients with review automation, rewards programs, and AI-generated marketing plans and promotions. Through detailed prompts, she has AI assistants create content and manage parts of businesses. Enzon advises embracing AI technology to get ahead of changes and shape it for your industry. Her software requires no technical skills from clients and she aims to build an incubator teaching AI and automation use.

Key Moments:

  • RG Enzon overcame struggles as an immigrant from the Philippines to the US, including not being able to continue her college degree. She joined the Navy to gain citizenship.
  • RG now helps local businesses in San Diego scale using AI through prompts and automation. This allows the businesses to focus on core operations.
  • One business RG helped was a dog boarding business. RG used AI to automate social media captions and follow-ups to help it grow to $100k+ annually.
  • RG stresses refining prompts with details and humanizing language to get the best results from AI. She also shares prompts to help others.
  • RG develops software for businesses to automate online reviews and rewards programs for customers.
  • RG creates "personas" or prompts tailored to different jobs within a business for AI to take on, like content creation and marketing.
  • RG's clients need almost no technical knowledge - they focus on their business while RG handles the tech side.
  • RG is still active in the Navy while also running multiple businesses with AI assistance.
  • RG's advice is to embrace emerging technologies like AI in order to pioneer their use and shape them for one's industry.
  • RG runs a website and incubator to mentor others on using automation and AI for their businesses.

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