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My very special guest today is Cyrus Wong ...

Cyrus Wong, a senior lecturer at the Hong Kong Institute of Information Technology, discusses how he uses AI to grade student assignments and exams. By leveraging AI tools like ChatGPT, he is able to grade assignments much more efficiently and provide detailed feedback to students. This saves him significant time compared to manual grading, and allows him to be more fair and consistent in his assessments. Cyrus emphasizes the importance of carefully prompting and guiding the AI to ensure it provides accurate and relevant feedback. He also shares advice for using the most cost-effective AI models that can still accomplish the task at hand. Overall, Cyrus has found AI to be a valuable tool for improving the grading process and enhancing the educational experience for both teachers and students.

Key Moments:

  • Cyrus uses AI, specifically OpenAI models, to efficiently grade student assignments and provide detailed feedback, saving significant time compared to manual grading.
  • Cyrus has developed a process of providing the AI with a clear grading rubric and instructions, allowing it to grade assignments consistently and fairly.
  • Using AI for grading allows Cyrus to provide faster feedback to students, helping them learn more effectively.
  • Cyrus emphasizes the importance of "prompt engineering" - carefully crafting the instructions and parameters given to the AI to ensure it performs the desired task accurately.
  • Cyrus recommends starting with less powerful, more affordable AI models first, and only upgrading if necessary, rather than automatically using the latest and most expensive options.
  • Key skills for working with AI include logical thinking, problem-decomposition, and the ability to effectively communicate instructions to the AI system.
  • Cyrus believes AI will not replace teachers, but can automate repetitive tasks like grading, allowing educators to focus more on improving course content and teaching.
  • Cyrus has open-sourced some of his AI-based grading approaches and encourages others to experiment and try using AI in their own educational contexts.
  • Cyrus emphasizes the importance of limiting the AI's access to only the relevant information needed to complete a task, to avoid it generating irrelevant or incorrect outputs.
  • Cyrus's overall approach demonstrates how AI can be leveraged strategically to enhance and streamline educational processes, while maintaining human oversight and control.

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