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My very special guest today is Jessica Baladad ...

Jessica Baladad, a five-year cancer survivor who transformed her pain into power, becoming a passionate advocate for women globally. She founded “Feel For Your Life”, a free mobile application that provides resources on how to perform self breast exams and when to get screenings, while allowing users to track and monitor their changes and set reminders to do self exams. Jessica’s own history with cancer drove her dedication to personally building her app. She first learned how to perform a self breast examination after having a benign tumor removed in college. Jessica just implemented AI into her "Feel For Your Life App" calling it "BreastFriendAI." BreastFriendAI is a digital chat device that creates a customized advocacy plan by preparing you for screenings, explaining your pathology reports, and assisting you through follow-ups, treatments and second opinions.

Key Moments:

  • Jessica Baladad is a 5-year breast cancer survivor who created the "Feel for Your Life" mobile app to provide resources on self-exams and screenings.
  • Jessica was diagnosed with stage 2b breast cancer at age 33, despite a recent clear exam by her doctor. This motivated her to create the app.
  • The app aims to address the 3 main reasons women don't perform self-exams: lack of education, shame, and lack of access to healthcare.
  • During the pandemic, many women missed mammograms, leading to later-stage diagnoses. Jessica saw this as an opportunity to create the app.
  • The app includes an AI feature that can help translate medical jargon from test results into more understandable language for patients.
  • Jessica believes AI can be a helpful tool in healthcare, augmenting but not replacing human doctors and the patient experience.
  • The app has over 25,000 users globally and Jessica believes it has saved lives by encouraging self-exams and early detection.
  • Jessica provides 5 key tips: find a good doctor, do self-exams, get regular screenings, understand breast density, and know your family cancer history.
  • The app is available on the App Store and Google Play, and Jessica can be found on social media.
  • Jessica's personal experience with breast cancer at a young age, combined with her background in technology and marketing, uniquely positioned her to create this impactful app.

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