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My very special guest today is Ellis Crosby ...

Ellis Crosby, the CTO of Scarlett Panda, discusses how he developed an AI-powered tool to generate personalized, creative stories for children. The tool was initially created to entertain his own daughter, but he soon realized it could have broader applications, especially for children with learning challenges like dyslexia. The stories can be highly customized with details about the child, their friends, and experiences, making them engaging and relatable. Crosby worked closely with teachers to ensure the stories align with educational standards and can address sensitive topics in a thoughtful way. The tool has gained traction with parents and schools, and Crosby sees it as a way to introduce AI in a positive, creative manner.

Key Moments:

  • Ellis Crosby is an AI developer who previously worked in marketing and used AI tools like GPT before they were widely available.
  • Crosby developed an AI-powered tool to generate personalized children's stories, initially for his own daughter to keep the stories fresh.
  • The tool allows for a high degree of customization, enabling users to incorporate specific details about the child, their friends, locations, events, and even moral lessons.
  • The tool has been particularly helpful for children with challenges like dyslexia, making reading more engaging and less intimidating.
  • The tool includes content moderation features to ensure the generated stories are appropriate and do not contain harmful content.
  • Crosby has worked closely with teachers to understand their needs and align the tool with educational standards.
  • The tool is available in 75 languages, making it accessible to a global audience.
  • In addition to the digital version, there are options to print out the stories as physical books.
  • Crosby advises others in the AI industry to differentiate their products by infusing them with their own unique personality and experiences.
  • The tool has seen growing adoption from parents who are becoming more comfortable with AI-generated content, especially as it provides a positive first experience.

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