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My very special guest today is Eric Clague ...

Eric Clague created to help streamline the police report writing process using AI. The system allows officers to complete reports in around 5 minutes by inputting details verbally or via video instead of handwriting or typing. This saves significant time and reduces stress for officers. Early adopters report enjoying using the system and being able to get back to patrolling more quickly. The AI checks reports for completeness and formats them according to each police department's standards, helping ensure compliance even as regulations change.

Key Moments:

  • Police Reports AI is a software that uses AI to generate police reports in 5 minutes, compared to the typical 35+ minutes it takes officers to write reports manually.
  • It streamlines the reporting process by having officers provide details verbally or via video/audio, and generates a complete report based on their input and department policies.
  • This significantly reduces the time officers spend on paperwork, allowing them to spend more time on policing duties.
  • It also improves officer well-being by reducing stress from tedious, repetitive paperwork.
  • Early adopters report being able to't wait to take another call' after using it for the first time.
  • The software ensures reports are consistent with department policies to help train new officers.
  • It is already being used by several police departments in the US and reducing their costs by an estimated 7 figures annually.
  • Some challenges to adoption include resistance to change and educating administrators on how the software works.
  • The founder aims to expand the software to other emergency services like firefighting.
  • Proper training and support for end users is key to ensuring a successful trial and full adoption of the software.

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