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Welcome to the Evolvepreneur A.I. Advantage Show

Join me, Richard Wray, to gain the A.I. Advantage today where we dive deep into the transformative power of A.I. to help fast-track your business.

My very special guest today is John Morris ...

This episode discusses how AI can help startups and entrepreneurs. Guest John Morris shares how AI has helped level the playing field for those with neurodiversities like dyslexia. He advises starting a business by first envisioning the end goal and working backwards. Morris also provides examples of how AI can be used to automatically generate blog content and grant applications. An interesting point he makes is how observing wrestlers' promotional styles helped him develop his own business speaking skills.

Key Moments:

  • John Morris is an artist, author and coach who draws from different areas of life to help those he works with.
  • He has dealt with dyslexia, dyspraxia and temporary blindness, and found that AI helps level the playing field for those with neurodivergences.
  • AI can help structure people's lives, especially those with conditions like anxiety, insomnia or severe stress through organization and reminders.
  • When starting a startup, focus on defining the end goal and working backwards. Use AI to efficiently generate content like blogs to build organic traffic.
  • Studying how others effectively communicate and build relationships can help one develop their own style, like how John Morris learned from wrestlers' promos.
  • Be wary of over-relying on AI and maintain a human element to content. Test websites thoroughly to avoid glitches.
  • Potential downsides of AI include deepfakes, identity theft from social media, and lack of human spirit in generated content.
  • Do thorough research before extensively using AI in business to avoid pitfalls.
  • John Morris' website and upcoming books cover using AI safely and effectively for various goals and age groups.
  • The key takeaway is to study what you want to achieve and do research before adopting AI solutions.

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