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Welcome to the Evolvepreneur A.I. Advantage Show

Join me, Richard Wray, to gain the A.I. Advantage today where we dive deep into the transformative power of A.I. to help fast-track your business.

My very special guest today is Dax Stanley ...

Dax Stanley, a visionary founder in property investment, combines qualifications in science, engineering, business, and technology to redefine the industry since 2002. Actively involved in buying, renovating, and developing properties, he now pioneers a transformative approach using ChatGPT and AI technology. In his upcoming book, "Real Estate Investing: ChatGPT Edition," Dax shares insights on leveraging ChatGPT for data-driven decision-making in property investment. His recent podcast appearance further establishes him as a thought leader, empowering investors to embrace a prosperous property future through innovative strategies and technology-driven insights.

Key Moments:

  • Dax Stanley is an innovator in the property investment space who has successfully integrated his technical qualifications with property investing using AI tools like chatGPT.
  • Dax took time over the holidays to deeply explore chatGPT's capabilities and found it could effectively simulate negotiations, tutoring sessions, and other scenarios to prepare for real-world interactions.
  • Structuring prompts with clear identities, contexts, and iterative questioning allows chatGPT to provide more detailed and tailored responses.
  • Minimizing prompts after refinement helps compress knowledge into more efficient exchanges.
  • Integrating external data sources through APIs, spreadsheets, and plugins gives chatGPT more up-to-date information for analysis tasks.
  • While chatGPT is helpful, human oversight is still needed to quality check responses and avoid potential hallucinations.
  • AI can act as a force multiplier by increasing productivity rather than replacing jobs when implemented properly.
  • Embracing AI tools requires understanding limitations like lack of certain current data and managing associated risks.
  • AI assistance combined with human expertise provides efficient hybrid solutions compared to relying on either alone.
  • Dax's upcoming book will help others apply his approach to integrating chatGPT into property investment strategies and decisions.


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